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About Us

PackSo is a B2B platform for packaging products (Pallets, Crates, Carboard Boxes, Laminates, Films etc.) which bridges the gap  between buyers and sellers. PackSo uses technology to ensure buyers are getting optimum prices for good quality products, while sellers have a transparent process and increased reach to market. Our years of experience and understanding of the market complexities has helped to design this platform and the business model. We will soon be launching other tech enabled services which will help customers in finding the right packaging configuration for their domestic, export shipments and procure their packaging material based on Just In Time (JIT) concept.


They have the advantage of getting their choice of products at any of their location across the country at the right prices. Wide variety of packaging products and warehouse supplies are available to them through a single source reducing the complexity of managing multiple vendors. They can see their lifetime enquiries, order, and payment history in just a click. We have simplified the buying process and made it completely transparent and hassle free.


SME's, regional manufacturers, and traders of packaging products get to see all the live requirements on their screen and can bid for their available products. We provide them access to new markets thus increasing their reach beyond regional boundaries. They can also see their order history, payments and upload and receive documents digitally, saving precious time on follow ups.


We ensure that there is less of wastage for wood and other natural resources coming into the country by way of imports, through proper utilization of these packaging products in supply chain across our customers.

Successful Sales, Packaging & Operations professional. 25+ years of experience in large scale Food & Beverage; Retail & Supply chain solutions. Worked with Indian and MNC organizations like United Breweries, PepsiCo, Nilgiris, CHEP.


Rich experience in packaging, supply chain, automotive and consumer durable industry. Multiyear leadership experience and building organizations from scratch. Worked with MNC and Indian organizations like CHEP, Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto. Alumni of NIT, IIMC and CEDEP.


Over 23 years of experience in Packaging, Supply Chain, and FMCG Industry, hard core business development professional. Worked with leading MNC's like CHEP, Kellogg's, L'Oreal, and Gillette (P&G).